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Having moved over from AVID editing to Final Cut Pro a few years ago, I like to keep up with developments in both.  I used the Final Cut User Groups (FCPUG) quite a bit whilst getting up to speed on FCP and here came across Rick Young’s video Posts at; www.macvideo.tv .  Rick has been doing some really interesting work in reviewing the new camera and editing products being released and investigating the state of the business in general. Relaxed interviews with the right people and a good technical understanding of where the business is coming from make his Video Posts a pleasure to watch. Well, I say a pleasure to watch but,… what I really mean is the content is good.  As for the visuals; I can’t understand why someone, who is obviously keenly interested in cameras and editing, turns in such crappy camerawork! Boring camera angles, badly lit, if at all, often just one microfone for a whole bunch of interviewees. Pfffft,… Come on Rick, you’ve got a good thing going there but, if you’re gonna talk to cameramen, give them, at least something decent to look at!